Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The sad result of IMDB exploration...

Whatever happened to the great animation tradition in the United States? The style of Disney’s studios was adopted by Japanese animation pioneers, and many of the methods and techniques of animation where created here, in the most prosperous and innovative nation on earth… for now.

I found full episodes of Batman:TAS on Warner Brother's Television website, and took the opportunity to do an IMDB search for some of the names in the credits. I entered "Boyd Kirkland", only to come across this:

Coming on the tail-end of 2007 and the start of 2008, one would expect a decent amount of increase in quality in animated movies, especially considering the detail and flow of Anime that comes from across the pond, in Japan. ... The animation itself was choppy and poorly drawn. It made me believe that we haven't improved anything since the days of Thundercats and He-Man.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Reunite Isaac and Ishmael

From what I have seen of what has been said about a certain micro-nation about the size of New-Jersey, I can say this much: There is no two state solution. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Israel cannot not remain half prosperous and half indignant.
So... I went from this:

To this...

To, um... this:

>daewoo DVD player

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Irrational Exuberance

Just wow...

So far the big winner from the AMD-ATI deal is clearly NVIDIA. Today NVIDIA is worth two times and a half more than it was one year ago, while AMD is worth less than it was before buying ATI!

This is simply amazing, AMD bought a 5 billion dollar company and instead of becoming a 15 billion dollar company NVIDIA was the one that became such company!

I feel the same way about this article as the current price of gold. The sensationalism does not reflect reality "on the ground." So Intel and nVidia basically have bond holders instead of share owners. They have lots of cash on hand, but lots of promises to keep to their new-found bondholders.

Speaking of promises, by the time the Llano fusion cpu launches, it will be more than 5 years since AMD announced its intention of making a true asymmetric "mainstream" processor. And when it does launch, it will be based on the Phenom CPU from 2007 (revised 2009), not Bulldozer; And the GPU side will be based on the Radeon 5000 series, not the 6000 series currently on the market or the next generation of radeons that recently taped out; and it will go into a different socket than Bulldozer. Not only that; the socket for llano may or may not be compatible with Trinty, the Bulldozer based APU that will be released in 2012.