Sunday, June 3, 2012

Full CSU Transcript

I'll just throw this up quickly, and maybe latter I will add links. I'm not sure how I can have this be veriafiable, especially since I do not believe it is the time for me to reveal my real, full name; but this is my real transcript. Unofficial, yes, but I did take these courses those semsters, got those grades, and I did in fact fail 4 clases. I may hide my real name for now, but I will not hide my education.

I started out at Clayton State University; It was near my work and tuition was reasonable; not to mention it was an accredited school with some excelent professors; nevertheless I did not pay a penny out of pocket for tuition, so I still owe $10k for my time there. Straight from the Digital Univisity Campus Kiosk some alignment adjustments in Excel and some ugly html cleanup in Vim:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

This is why religious republicans know democrats are stuburn mules

After watching the Muppets movie, I went back to an old thread.

My analogies where wrong because I am not a biologist; therefore, biologists, who the majority accept the speciation definition must be right and creationism must be wrong, and intelligent design is a Trojan Horse for creationism to shove the Christian God down the throats of children who would otherwise have freedom of religion.. I never understood the whole ID is creationism in disguise thing, but ok. This whole absurd conversation was from an article on the Muppets of all things, and Fox Business’s segment. The Moviebob, also not a biologist, assert that global warming and evolution are absolute scientific facts.

Friday, March 30, 2012

it's time for change

I fear his campaign has been sustained by megachurches misappropriating tithe funds into superpacs. He should have dropped out when Newt first suggested it. No candidate should feel that putting nearly all their eggs in one basket like Santorum did in Iowa should be rewarded. The GOP in general needs to shift their campaign from the low labor participation rate to the needlessly high poverty rate amongst non-whites.
Now I will confess to being as if not more racist than Mel Gibson, but I understand that success has nothing to do with pedigree, and the lower economic rungs being so racially diverse has much to do with history. If Northern Europeans where put in the same situation as Native Americans, Africans, and migrant Spaniards where, we would be in the same boat. The Republican Party does have a huge issue with (what are currently, and soon will not be despite high abortion rates) minorities, going back to the failure of the reconstruction era, but it is never too late to start fixing that. These primaries should not be a whitewash, especially in southern states. At least Newt is trying to do something about that.
And about Evangelical's discomfort with Newt, if they can forgive this womanizing drunkard, they should forgive Newt. The foundation of Christianity is restoration; redemption; hope for the hopeless. Charity plays a part, but our liberal friends cannot see beyond charity, and that is driving our nation off a cliff financially.
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That is what our country desperately needs right now: restoration. No more tabling solutions that do not even cut the budget, just slow the rate of growth. No more playing games with the funding of socialist insecurity and medicarelessness. We need real solutions, not more sick games and false accusations of ignorant bigotry.