Sunday, June 3, 2012

Full CSU Transcript

I'll just throw this up quickly, and maybe latter I will add links. I'm not sure how I can have this be veriafiable, especially since I do not believe it is the time for me to reveal my real, full name; but this is my real transcript. Unofficial, yes, but I did take these courses those semsters, got those grades, and I did in fact fail 4 clases. I may hide my real name for now, but I will not hide my education.

I started out at Clayton State University; It was near my work and tuition was reasonable; not to mention it was an accredited school with some excelent professors; nevertheless I did not pay a penny out of pocket for tuition, so I still owe $10k for my time there. Straight from the Digital Univisity Campus Kiosk some alignment adjustments in Excel and some ugly html cleanup in Vim: