Sunday, June 12, 2011


First off, I am glad just about nobody reads this blog. I am not dumb, in fact I have forgotten more math than most people care to remember, but I do have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth. When I am not eating my toes, what comes from my mind (in the raw) can be rather incoherent if not out and out incomprehensible. For example, when I was giving prices for ER visits in “random discovery,” my basic point was that in general, emergency care is expensive, but not so expensive as to be impossible to pay in most cases. I doubt anyone got that when they read the first two sentences of “random discovery.” Hopefully with time and editing the content here will be ready for a large audience, but until then:

They way Dead Space handles this and the previous encounter with the hunter is somewhat similar to how the Gargantua is handled in Half Life. That is, it is virtually impossible to defeat the monster with brute force, and the player must find a more creative way to stop the otherwise unstoppable. Of course, in Dead Space, the only “creative” means given in is “coerce enemy to move to spot X and push button.” Valve gave a couple of means of killing the Gargantua. One of them even had the player call in an airstrike.

Also, in Dead Space, Isaac (the player character) is explicitly told that he cannot kill the hunter. Such was never needed to be said about the Gargantua. The player could discover that on his own without risking life and limb. But still, it is nice to see a game use a boss-battle mechanic other than “shoot a BFG until it stops moving” or “hit its weak point for massive damage.”

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