Thursday, November 24, 2011

19 out of 20 PC gamers have limited disposable income

A repost of what I posted on the escapist:
What Ubisoft did with Prince of Persia (the confeti-colored one) was absolutely obnoxious. Yes, pirating is high on the PC... in developing nations and amongst middle-school kids that don't know any better (What's steam?; I got this game from a friend), but guess what else is higher in developing nations: the desktop PC install base. Computers are a modern middle class necessity, like dishwashers. Consoles are not. I'm sure there are plenty of people in Africa/South America/South East Asia willing and ready to throw in an 80 USD radeon 6670 into the 8x PCI express slot of their 300 USD Athlon-II/Pentium Dual Core machines. If they continue to be so intent on turning their back on that market, they will be hurting themselves far more than they hurt potential pirates.

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