Monday, April 25, 2011

I'll just leave this here...

This is a comment by robcat2075 on an article about how the heartless bourgeoisie are scattering the the truly creative proletariat
The next time Floyd Bishop pops into one of my threads on CGTalk to ridicule artists’ work that isn’t up to his very lofty, cutting-edge CG standards I’m going to remember this thread where he’s endorsing the look of… “My Little Pony”

If someone who’s not gate-keeper approved dips their toe into CG, Floyd Bishop is ready to swat them down. But he is eager to go to bat for a blight like… “My Little Pony”?

And we ponder why the biz is going in such absurd directions?
Well hello Robcat/Tim Buckley. I didn't know you were trying your hand in animation. Just remember, "You are not your work."

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